Are you afraid to get hateful comments, offensive messages and toxic e-mails due to your opinion?

Safeguarding the Pioneers of Progress: Scientists and institutions.

Hate speech poses a significant threat to the academic realm, a space that traditionally values open dialogue, exploration, and the unbiased pursuit of knowledge. Scientists increasingly find themselves targets of digital attacks. Such toxicity can stifle academic discourse and inhibit free exploration of controversial or misunderstood subjects.

Scientific research is not exclusively published in journals and on academic platforms anymore. Researchers are even encouraged to use social media communication in addition to more traditional ways of for science communication.

Our AI-driven software tool has been designed to identify and moderate hate comments in real-time across various digital platforms. By using PENEMUE, scientists can share their findings, engage in discussions, and seek peer inputs without the threat of online harassment.


Features & Benefits:


Preserve Institutional Reputation: Universities thrive on their reputation. PENEMUE ensures that their digital platforms remain free from negativity, reflecting the institution’s commitment to constructive discourse and academic excellence.

Protect Intellectual Talent: Researchers are an institution’s most valuable asset. By shielding them from online hate, universities not only protect their mental well-being but also ensure intellectual progress and creativity.

Enhance Research Dissemination: In a protected environment, researchers are more likely to share findings, participate in online discussions, and collaborate, leading to a broader dissemination and discussion of their work.

Attract Top Talent: A university or scientific society known for its proactive stance on safeguarding its academic community is more appealing to prospective students, faculty, and partners.

Ensure Mental Health and Safety: By minimizing exposure to hate speech, institutions ensure the mental well-being of their community

Researchers are at the forefront of societal advancement, pushing boundaries and exploring the unknown. Their work, especially in areas that challenge existing norms or beliefs, can be contentious. If exposed to unchecked hate speech, they may become hesitant to publish or discuss controversial findings, hindering academic progress. Moreover, the emotional toll can lead to burnout or even deter potential future researchers.

For an university, safeguarding researchers is not just about individual well-being; it’s about preserving the very essence of academia – the free and fearless pursuit of knowledge. With PENEMUE, universities can ensure their digital spaces reflect this ethos, fostering an environment of growth, respect and progress.


PENEMUE – AI to protect science


Are you an university or scientific institution looking to support for your researchers and staff? Discover PENEMUE to protect your most valuable good.