HATE SPEECH and sportS

Join us in promoting respect, unity, and the true spirit of fair play. On and off the pitch!

Protection for players and clubs from hate speech.

Protect your players and club from hate speech!

Professional sports is all about emotions, communities, respect and fair play. Despite that, hate speech has become a real threat to sport clubs and their players. Hate speech in professional sports has emerged as a pressing issue, undermining the principles of fair play, respect, and unity that sports uphold. Athletes, regardless of their performance or affiliation, are increasingly subjected to toxic comments, racial slurs, and personal attacks on digital platforms. Such negativity doesn’t just end online; it reverberates in stadiums, affecting player morale and fan behavior. 

Online hate erodes the core essence of sportsmanship, where individuals from diverse backgrounds unite for love of the game.

Addressing this challenge is imperative to preserve the integrity of professional sports and ensure it remains a beacon of global unity and positive competition.

PENEMUE gives you an easy-to-handle tool to moderate hate on your online presence, for your club as well as for your top-players.



Features & Benefits:


  • Seamless Integration: Your different social media channels and forums can easily be integrated into PENEMUEs dashboard, creating a uniform experience of positivity across all platforms.


  • Advanced Comment Filtering: PENEMUE uses cutting-edge ai-algorithms to identify and filter out hate speech and negative comments. We ensure that the digital environment is monitored in real-time, so your social media presence remains a space for constructive and positive fan interactions.


  • Protecting your Players and Staff: We help you to shield your players from unnecessary online hate, threats and attacks.


  • Enhanced Fan Engagement: With a cleaner, more respectful digital space, fans can engage more freely, share their opinions, and truly be a part of your community without hesitation.



PENEMUE – AI to protect sports


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